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reading and writing in my practice

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I'm so excited to announce that this week I started writing for Bitch Media, the national feminist pop culture blog! I'm being mentored by the fabulous, smart, funny, Sarah Mirk whose written and interdisciplinary work is really amazing. 

Over the last year or so there has been a convergence in my practice around language. I've always wanted to incorporate more writing into my practice and with my recent projects taking a literary turn it makes sense that I'm thinking about how the written word can affect my thought process. Reading aloud, writing short fiction, artist books, and activist writing are becoming integral to my creative process. As I think about what I want to spend my time doing post-graduate school I no longer see writing as exclusively a way to work through ideas but as part of my creative output. Though I've self-identified as a writer for some time I haven't shared much of it publicly until recently. And now it's finally starting to feel real.

Check out my first Bitch post here.