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Pillow talk, the close intimate conversation had after sex, is often when we get into the most vulnerable, emotional territory about love, sex, loss, fears, and confessions. 

This ongoing project is the culmination of several years of research and a lifetime of personal interest in what makes a strong relationship. I created a series of text-based pillows with questions that came up in my research and conversations with friends, loved ones, strangers, other artists, and therapists over the years. I ask participants to get into bed with me, start with the question they are most interested in and begin a conversation. Sessions are one-on-one between me and any other willing person. I offer myself as a listener with an open mind and most often reciprocate the level of intimacy I'm shown by each participant by sharing my own experiences and perspectives as the circumstances lead me.

The project has been presented at a residency and at Assembly 2014. I'm currently producing the project out of my home or yours.

Individual sessions are available by request. Email for an appointment, text or call 503 816 1102 . 

Also, since many have asked... Pillows can be purchased through my site on Society6.