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Liberatory Relationship Practice

For this interactive 2-hour workshop I facilitated writing and conversation prompts around some common questions, and concerns experienced by the newly nonmonogamous and curious. I cover emotional, physical, and logistical approaches to cultivating healthy and ethical nonmonogamous relationships.

Guest collaborator/facilitators, Renee Sills, founder of Sola School of Contemplative Arts, guided the group through embodied mindfulness techniques for dealing with challenging emotions, which can be common upon entering new relationship structures.

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Artist Resistance Tactics

I host and facilitate this ongoing monthly workshop at my storefront studio space, MATTER. Together with the participants we have formed a working group developed to explore artistic protests, aesthetic and conceptual activist tactics. The workshop is designed to discover tactics new and old and to find new ways to use them together.

We discuss other artists or protest practices that we find inspiring, dissect what makes them function well, and then borrow these tactics to develop new ways to take political and social justice action.

Prior experience with art, activism, education or other liberatory practice has proven helpful but is not required for participation. 


Girls to the Front

GTTF was developed to form a safe space for creative conversation among teenage girls. This monthly interdisciplinary, hands-on workshop focused on using creativity and artmaking for girls' empowerment. Participants explored new methods in visual art, storytelling, and building creative community. Each workshop featured a visiting artist who co-facilitate an activity or project during the class. Each was offered to all girl-identified teens aged 13-18.


*Due to the closing of the host space GTTF is on hold with an expected return during 2018 in a new space, TBD.