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Sunday Supper Club

Sunday Supper Club is part of an ongoing practice of gathering, nourishing and encouraging deep relationships within local community. Specifically, this gathering has become a space for the formation and celebration of queer family, radical politics, and community activist care. 

Most Sundays I open my home to the artist, activist, queer communities I participate in for dinner, conversation and bonding. It is a space where I cultivate comfort, joy and energetic restoration for regular participants. Each week a thematic prompt is proposed, some generated by me as the artist/curator, and sometimes by request from active members of the group. These prompts can be responses to the political climate, as in "Sunday Supper Club: My Grandparents Were Lebanese Immigrants Edition," or simple directed at a desired sensory, visual or community experience, as in "Sunday Supper Club: Comfort Foods Edition," which I hosted after participation with several members in a notably intense day of protest against white supremacists in downtown Portland (pictured).

Sunday Supper Club is ongoing with regular weekly gatherings most Sundays since 2016.