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Sunday Supper Club

Sunday Supper Club is part of an ongoing practice of gathering, nourishing and encouraging deep relationships within local community. Specifically, this gathering has become a space for the formation and celebration of queer family, radical politics, and community activist care. 

Most Sundays I open my home to the artist, activist, queer communities I participate in for dinner, conversation and bonding. It is a space where I cultivate comfort, joy and energetic restoration for regular participants. Each week a thematic prompt is proposed, some generated by me as the artist/curator, and sometimes by request from active members of the group. These prompts can be responses to the political climate, as in My Grandparents Were Lebanese Immigrants Edition, or simple directed at a desired sensory, visual or community experience, as in Comfort Foods Edition, which I hosted after participation with several members in a notably intense day of protest against white supremacists in downtown Portland (pictured).

Regular weekly gatherings most Sundays since 2016.

Some themes that capture the essence of SSC... 

Sunday Supper Club: Free For Femmes Edition
Sunday, January 28, 2018
This week men do all the work. Cooking, cleaning, organizing. Femmes receive. 

Sunday Supper Club: Comfort Food Edition
Sunday, June 4, 2017
We may all be in need of some comfort after the coming Sunday afternoon protests and unrest. Come together after the struggle.

Sunday Supper Club: Best Laid Plans Edition
Sunday, January 28, 2018
Processing the death of artist and friend Corrina Mehiel.

Sunday Supper Club: My Grandparents Were Lebanese Immigrants Edition
Sunday, February 5, 2017 

This week we will eat the food of my immigrant grandparents who left Beirut in 1912 for a better life in America. They landed in Ohio and married each other there, and then taught my great aunts who taught my dad who taught me to make kibbeh, fatoyeh, hummus, flatbread, grape leaves, and tabouleh. Bring something along the theme to share. Or bring some wine to share. (Lebanese dinners like full bodied reds.) See you Sunday.