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idea #6

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This afternoon I was talking with my brother about our career plans. Though I identify as an artist, I have lately wondered about becoming a firefighter, his girlfriend is a doctor, our dad is a teacher, my husband is a biologist. We have the sort of jobs that are easily called upon by kids when they are asked what they want to be when they grow up, like action figures. These tiny pieces of injection-molded plastic, formed into a set shape, that imply a life, an action. These are usually made in huge quantities to represent a widely known figure to a large population of fans. My brother is a city planner and I was thinking about how absurd it seemed to make an action figure of a city planner. I like absurd. So here it is...

IDEA #6 Make a series of action figures of your own family.

A small representation of each person, part of a set, that will then only be distributed back to your family.