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idea #3

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So I have some improving to do on follow-through with my daily idea, but I'm committed to keeping on trying. I'll post a makeup idea for missing a day.

I've been experiencing a block around a project idea I want to develop further so my collaborator Emily Fitzgerald and I decided to give each other prompts to shake our ideas loose. We want the project use photography as a tool and the content we are interested in is intimacy and relationship dynamics. So here is our idea...

IDEA #3: Each week we assign each other a photo prompt that requires each other to create a visual representation of a relationship.

We both answer each others prompts and our own. When a month has gone by we begin to publish them as a body of work together. Examples: A photo of someone or something that makes you uncomfortable. A photo of someone you love.

idea #1

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When I moved from Lexington, KY, a mid-sized college town, to Portland, OR I noticed a marked difference in the amount of street harassment I faced. It didn't hit me for a while but I remember one day suddenly realizing that I didn't have quite as much tension, waiting for it to happen at any moment. This isn't to say that harassment never happened. It was just a bit different. Most frequently I was getting the comments or the person following me on public transit, which I hadn't used until moving here. There was almost never someone driving or walking down the street who made inappropriate gestures or comments. Then, about a year and a half ago, I started running. For whatever reason, this was the ticket. I have had men literally bark at me (like dogs) out of car windows. It's scarier when it happens after dark, but mostly it just makes me feel angry and sad. (And makes my mile split faster temporarily.) I admit that this one has been stewing for a while, but I haven't made it public in any way yet. So, here it is. 

IDEA #1: Every time I am street harassed I will take a photo of the person. If I can't catch them in time. I will photograph myself at the location of the incident.