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idea #5

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I say this with as much humility as possible, knowing full and well that that following is true (and in no way means that I think I am somehow exempt from making mistakes in my relationships): I am great at giving relationship advice. How do I know this? Because I read about relationships as a primary resource for research for my own life and my art practice constantly. And because friends, loved ones, and acquaintances come to me for advice A LOT. In addition, because I spend so much time reading, thinking about and discussing relationships, I'm fairly adept at getting to the nuances of what makes them work, for myself and for other people. I have chosen a particular kind of way to structure the relationships I have in my life so that I can continuously build them, and as such, I have vested interest in finding and growing strong bonds with those I choose to love.

I have used the online dating website OK Cupid to find people to talk with about alternative relationship structures and their approaches. You could call it curiosity, but in art we call this research. Sometimes people, strangers, mostly men (who am I kidding, it has only ever been men, but I suppose there's always the possibility that someday....but I digress), ask me to talk to them about their relationship problems. I have rarely done this in person, but again, for the interest of curiosity and research for project ideas, I have occasionally met on here or there for a coffee and conversation. I have often prescribed books to read, advised on conversation starters, and given my personal read on their descriptions of arguments, conversations, and opinions of their wives, girlfriends, partners and so on. So, I have this idea...

IDEA #5: NEW PROJECT: Whenever someone asks me for relationship advice on OK Cupid I agree but on the condition that they meet me in person and fill out an Advice Request Form,

which I will create to facilitate our interaction. I will agree to keep the form anonymous if requested and will agree to store it for 10 years, as one would with taxes or other data. 

idea #2

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This morning I am applying for a job I really want. I have some questions, but all of my gainfully-employed, advice-having friends and colleagues are at work. So, my idea is coming from the best kind of place, fulfilling an actual need I have. (Hey, I never promised these would all be art ideas.) 

IDEA #2: An app, put out by LinkedIn, in which you give and receive advice about job hunting. It would function like Lulu but for jobs. 

i.e. "On my resume, should I include brief descriptions of each job I've held?" You would be able to see the line of work of the person answering so you could get a better sense of whether to trust their advice. 

idea #1

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When I moved from Lexington, KY, a mid-sized college town, to Portland, OR I noticed a marked difference in the amount of street harassment I faced. It didn't hit me for a while but I remember one day suddenly realizing that I didn't have quite as much tension, waiting for it to happen at any moment. This isn't to say that harassment never happened. It was just a bit different. Most frequently I was getting the comments or the person following me on public transit, which I hadn't used until moving here. There was almost never someone driving or walking down the street who made inappropriate gestures or comments. Then, about a year and a half ago, I started running. For whatever reason, this was the ticket. I have had men literally bark at me (like dogs) out of car windows. It's scarier when it happens after dark, but mostly it just makes me feel angry and sad. (And makes my mile split faster temporarily.) I admit that this one has been stewing for a while, but I haven't made it public in any way yet. So, here it is. 

IDEA #1: Every time I am street harassed I will take a photo of the person. If I can't catch them in time. I will photograph myself at the location of the incident.